“The team was super efficient on the install, and readily available to answer questions throughout the project. We have one more house to do, and will definitely be contacting Blossom again when the timing is right. “

- Zachary, A


The strengths that Blossom Solar offers its customers are a personal customer experience while providing a high quality install. Blossom doesn’t just provide a quote, we provide a consultation with no sales pressure so you can get the resources you need to make a decision about solar on your own time. Blossom doesn’t just provide an install, we are building a relationship with you to provide clean energy to your home for a long time. 

Blossom Solar is a proud member of Solar Installers of Washington (SIW). SIW is our industry group that fought hard to get the current incentive in place, and they continue to fight to expand those incentives as well as net metering laws. Blossom Solar donates to SIW and encourages our customers to do the same.  

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Our Mission

Simplicity and thoughtfulness leads to a strength of character for individuals as well as communities. We believe in the power of intentional living and intentional communities. Our passion is in sustainable infrastructure and we value taking the power of our own lives and communities into our own hands. Co-founders Eli and Cole came together in their common goal of energy independence. Their passion sprouted Blossom Solar. 

Our Story

Cole (w/wife, Roxanne) began in solar as an intern with industry expert Ian Woofenden of Home Power Magazine. Since, he has worked for a solar contractor as a lead Technician, working on hundreds of homes and businesses including helping lead the largest solar system installed in Washington. 


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Eli has been an Electrical Administrator for Washington State for eight years. He is a Commercial electrician coming to the solar industry three years ago with extensive electrical experience. Eli has worked on hundreds of homes and businesses bringing Solar to an ever-growing population of Solar Producers. 

Our Team



Adrian Monar

Solar Technician


Chelsea Saunders

Director of Customer Relations


Tyler Scott

Telecom Technician

Brian Ely

Solar Technician


Roxanne Anderson

Office Manager


Justin Kautz

Director of Inside Sales


Aimee Policarpio

Office Administrator


Mike Leinum

Project Manager


Matthew Cole

Solar Technician


Frank Perretta

Telecom Technician


Patrick Debevec

Project Manager


Kyle Phillips



Tyler Pound



Henry Royka

Telecom Technician


Michael Shores

Telecom Technician


Robert Etherton

Operations Manager


Darrick Rongholt

Lead Solar Technician


The best way to predict your future is to create it.
— Abraham Lincoln