Everett Herald Article - September 2018

In 2018, the photovoltaic solar energy industry in Washington state is doing well. In contrast to rising utility prices from dirty energy sources, solar offers a solution.

In 2019, the Washington state solar industry can thrive as it did in 2018, but more support from the Legislature is needed. There are two local pillars for solar energy, net metering and state incentives. Both of these programs are reaching their capacity and will require new legislation for 2019 to be as good for solar energy as 2018 has been.

Solar is our future, and to ensure that it happens as soon as possible we need these policies to be expanded. There is truly no time to delay on taking control of our own energy future, especially with the federal government backing out of the Paris climate agreement and putting unnecessary tariffs on solar panels and other inputs like steel and aluminum. Now is the time for us to enact our own solutions to the issues facing our own communities.

During this political season it is more important than ever for voters to let their elected officials know that solar energy is a priority for them. Elected officials need to hear from their constituency so they know where to place their priorities and which bills to vote for in January.

In Washington, Solar Installers of Washington is our main advocacy group for expanding solar policy. To harness public support a campaign was launched called Solar Strong. You can visit the website for more information, sign up for ongoing updates, and donate to the effort at www.SolarStrongWa.org.

The great poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote “the sun shines today,” and the only question now is, will we capture that power today?

Anders Alexander

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