Washington Solar Incentives  

Buying Solar Has Never Been More Accessible to Homeowners!


With State and Federal incentives and a lower utility bill solar will pay for itself. Blossom Solar will provide a solar education and a custom quote so you can see how solar works for your particular home.


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Buying Solar Explained In 30 Seconds



Solar is an investment with a positive return:


Federal Tax Credit

30% of the cost comes back to you in your taxes. Click here for a fact sheet from Solar Energy International on the solar tax credit. 

  • You will receive a 30% tax credit off your federal income taxes on the total cost of your system.
  • The credit will be reduced in subsequent years: to 26% in 2020, and 22% in 2021.
  • In 2022 the Solar Tax Credit is suspected to end for Home Owners and reduce to 10% for Businesses.


Washington State Production Incentive

You will receive a check once a year for 8 years that will total 50% the cost of the system. This incentive is on track to run out of money in 2019. Click here for more information on the incentive from Solar Washington. 

  • 8 annual checks in the mail.
  • Up to 50% the cost of the system.
  • May not be available in 2019 without new State funding.


Lower utility bills with Net Metering

Every bit of energy that the solar panels produce is energy you do not have to buy from your Utility. Only 20% of the cost of a system needs to come back through lower utility bills. When your system is paid off you are left with those lasting lower utility bills and will save a lot of money every year. Click here for more info on Net Metering from DSIRE. 

  • Net Metering is an Agreement between you and your utility: Power you produce will offset power you consume.
  • Your Utility Bill will reflect the net amount of power you consume.
  • Every April you begin to accrue solar "credits" that continue to build through March 31st when the cycle resets.



Good simple financing is available through PSCCU, check out their Energy Smart Loan.

Click here - https://www.psccu.org/Borrow/Energy-Smart-Loans.aspx